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Commercial vehicles leasing is a beneficial financial solution to develop and update technical facilities of any enterprise or production plant. For example, in foreign companies up to 80% of equipment and vehicles are leased.  Another benefit is that to conclude a lease agreement is easier than obtain a bank loan. 
Leasing allows you to use commercial vehicles with a minimal initial investment. Upon the expiration of the lease agreement commercial vehicles become the property of the buyer. And thus a significant amount of financial assets is released that can be used for the company's development. 
We will promptly provide commercial vehicles for your company to lease and your company will earn more profit right now.
One of the services provided by "Rodel" is leasing of trucks. We have extensive experience in implementing complex structure transactions, including financing of import of vehicles. Our main principle is an individual approach to the enterprise-specific needs of our clients.
There is an option to take a loan to purchase a vehicle, and leasing is a type of loan in substance but it has several advantages. It is not difficult to lease a commercial vehicle and this method opens broad prospects for development for transport, construction companies: you can use the equipment immediately with only an initial installment, leasing agreement term is usually longer than that of the loan, and in addition you have a a flexible payment schedule and tax incentives.
Freight vehicle leasing is relevant for all types of businesses ranging from mobile maintenance gangs or companies engaged in wholesale trade - up to large holdings. When you lease specialty or freight vehicles you can use this equipment almost immediately to solve everyday issues.
We always consider the needs of each of our customers, so there are specially developed schemes of freight vehicles lease in "Rodel". Long-term cooperation with dealers of largest manufacturers of freight vehicles allows us to offer freight vehicles leasing with a minimum extra charges and on the most favorable conditions.
With us you can lease a freight vehicle for various purposes - ranging from small vans for city delivery to tractors and trucks for construction works, as well as trailers and semitrailers. In addition, we offer leasing of specialty vehicles and related equipment. We offer specialty vehicles of small, medium, and heavy lift capability of such brands as MAN, ISUZU, IVECO, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, KAMAZ and many others.
Freight vehicle leasing is a popular service today. This upgrade does not require use of large amounts of working assets and allows to optimally allocate resources of the company. In our company you can lease all types of freight vehicle of domestic and foreign manufacture with an option to repurchase at depreciable value on favorable conditions.
KAMAZ trucks are the most popular among domestic manufacturers. It can be both specialized and universal models: dump trucks, tractors, flatbed trucks, and more.
For those who prefer the products of foreign companies, we offer trucks, vans, and specialty vehicles of worldwide well –known companies such as MAN, ISUZU, IVECO, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai.
Business has to be mobile. Whatever equipment you choose, the experts of "Rodel" will always be able to find the best option for you, in terms of price and agreement condition.