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Companies providing IT-technology, telecommunications, television and radio broadcasting services have to purchase an expensive telecommunications equipment to start a business. In most cases it is almost unreal to purchase such equipment for cash, especially for small companies. This issue may be resolved by using of bank loans but they are usually not so quick and easy to obtain. In addition, the loan terms are usually short for entrepreneurs. And in this case you can use leasing of telecommunications equipment.
Today our company may offer a new service on the telecommunications market -  leasing of fiber optic links (FOL). The construction cost of FOL is up to 50% of all expenses for development of any telecommunications company. We can help you reduce these expenses!
Leasing of telecommunications is considered worldwide as the most effective way to hire-purchase specialized equipment essential for industry modernization. 
"Rodel" is a Russian company specializing in providing high-tech networking and telecommunications equipment for lease for small and medium-sized businesses. We make leasing of telecommunications easy and affordable. We cooperate with leading networking technology and telecommunications manufacturers.
Leasing plans developed by "Rodel" not only make project financing affordable but also create conditions for active development of domestic telecommunications companies, making telecommunications accessible for lease which allows them to reduce cost of purchasing of technical facilities and to increase sales and improve financial performance.
Leasing of telecommunications has several advantages:
1) Minimal starting investment and equitable distribution of payments for the period of lease allow to purchase the necessary equipment list without significant capital expenditures.
2) Due to equal monthly payments it is possible to anticipate future expenses which facilitates budgeting and management of cash flows of a client company. When choosing a scheme of payments with decreasing (not equitable) repayments, it is possible to reduce the percentage of appreciation as the maximum amount of lease payments are effected at the beginning of the transaction.
3) Accelerated depreciation of equipment (with an up to 3 coefficient) and tax optimization for a client company.
4) For growing companies - without a credit history and sufficient assets yet - leasing is the most affordable source of funds which allows to create a technological basis for business development at minimum cost and minimum time possible.