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Specialty vehicles market has been developing greatly in recent years. Many construction companies are now resuming their work, and their activities require a certain kind of specialty vehicles. Leasing of specialty vehicles, which (in substance) is no different from the ordinary leasing, allows effectively organize the production process without the delays and downtime and save material resources.

The advantage of specialty vehicles leasing is not only tax deductions, but also the simple process of preparation of documents and selection of payment options. Leasing companies usually take care of all paperwork and thereby save time of their customers. In addition, our customers are able to use the services of a professional manager who will help you to choose the most suitable leasing scheme option.

Leasing of specialty vehicles is the best and sometimes the only possibility for continuous update and extend the vehicle park to ensure uninterrupted production process of the enterprise.

Leasing with “Rodelen” is our financing of your purchase of:

  • construction machinery
  • road machinery
  • lifting machinery (including cranes)
  • municipal machinery
  • warehouse equipment (including forklifts)
  • agricultural machinery, etc.

Leasing of specialty vehicles is affordable and profitable option of buying expensive equipment of special purpose and meets the demands of modernization of an operating enterprise of any type of activity.

Contact us right now. Specialist of “Rodelen” will answer all your questions, help calculate the cost of leasing, and prepare an offer for you based on your needs.

Leasing of machinery allows to take advantage of tax deductions and other economic benefits.

Leasing of specialty vehicles on favorable conditions, as well as high level of service are the main priorities for our company.

Specialty vehicles for leasing – it is easy.

You choose the equipment you need and send us a request to purchase it (this can be done by filling out the form at our website or by contacting the manager by the phone).

If your application is approved, we conclude the lease agreement, calculate the amount and schedule of lease payments.

Our company purchase specialty vehicles and transfer it for you to use.

At the end of the lease period, provided all lease payments were paid on time, you will be able to buy equipment at its residual value.

Specialty vehicles for leasing - it is convenient.

You can afford purchasing of necessary up-to-date equipment without using large amounts of working assets.

In addition to financing of purchase of equipment "Rodelen" may register specialty vehicles in State Inspectorate for Traffic Security, in State Technical Authority and other state oversight bodies, and also insure vehicles and provide its subsequent service and maintenance.