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Currently most of process equipment in Russia is heavily depreciated and out-of-date. A huge number of promising enterprises are unable to efficiently use their capacities due to outdated equipment that is not capable of producing up-to-date product. 
Manufacturing equipment on lease is a most popular offering after the vehicle lease. Financial lease of equipment with slow deterioration is most beneficial. Upon expiration of the lease agreement, the equipment can be purchased at the residual value, and either may be sold, or used, or leased. 
These beneficial equipment leasing terms make this service attractive for both thriving companies and companies taking their first steps into the world of business.
Russian economy is gradually healing from the damage caused by the financial crisis, the market is back to normal, the competition becomes tougher regarding increase in production. Any company needs to have a competitive advantage. And technology plays a major role in this competition. Equipment leasing is the best way to upgrade the engineering capabilities of the company and promote development. Equipment leasing is an efficient instrument for competition; the rate is calculated in accordance with the amount of advance payment and term of a lease agreement. The calculation of equipment leasing can also be done by the specialists of "Rodel" based on your wishes and possibilities.
Conditions of the equipment leasing provided by the company "Rodel" make it possible for you to have today equipment that your competitors will only be able to afford tomorrow. We offer affordable equipment leasing; the rate of monthly payments may be uniform or decrease as payments. You can also calculate estimate monthly payments yourself using a leasing calculator on our website.
Any development requires investment. Unfortunately, for most companies it is hard to obtain long-term loans or other types of financing. Typically, these possibilities are available only to privileged clients. Equipment leasing is an alternative to credit and purchase. Leasing it is an effective investment in your company.

Entertainment - Bowling Equipment

Opening or upgrading of any company in entertainment business – an amusement park, billiards, or bowling – is always associated with significant financial investments.
A large percentage of these costs falls on equipment.  Bowling equipment leasing makes expensive equipment affordable and reduces the overall level of initial investment.
The company "Rodel" offers bowling equipment of world's leading manufacturers for lease. The lessee has complete freedom in the choice of supplier and type of equipment, and the leasing company merely acts as an intermediary.
Entertainment center turns profit daily. Thus, any delays in starting up or closing for reconstruction are fraught with risk of financial losses and decreased customer loyalty.
You can start earning on the new equipment right now – only have paid 15-20% of the cost. Equipment for bowling has good durability which is an additional advantage for its acquisition on lease. Equipment remains in operating condition and is of demand on the secondary market for a long time after the expiration of a lease agreement.

Tyre Fitting

Tyre fitting business is not complex and quickly pays for itself. It is important not to miss the "high season" and, if necessary, promptly replace failed equipment.
However, this business also requires sizable initial investment. Tire-mounting equipment on lease from the company "Rodel" is intended to ease the financial burden to new businesses, and also make it more available to update existing equipment.
Do not lose customers - while you save and save up to buy the equipment, they use other services. Tire equipment leasing will allow you to start your business today, promptly replace worn out equipment, upgrade existing equipment.
Leasing provides the benefits of purchase using bank loan but it is easier to obtain (the loan is only available to large companies with good credit history) and it provides additional tax benefits. Both companies and individual entrepreneurs can benefit from leasing services. Specialists of "Rodel" company will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of leasing of tire mounting equipment. Call us or leave a request at our site, we are working to help your business develop!

Medical Equipment

Leasing of medical equipment is one of the most popular and fastest growing leasing services. Today, there is a tough competition on medical services market regarding equipment. Every business has long been client-oriented and in the case of medical services a client draws attention primarily on the quality of service. Innovations in compulsory health insurance system further aggravated the competition for quality and diversity of services.
It's no secret that the Russian medical service is still far behind the West. A situation when the acquisition of new equipment gives a substantial competitive advantage, but also requires a serious investment, and hence forces to save on operating costs of health care facility.
It is not always possible, and leasing of medical equipment can solve this problem. Lease of equipment makes it possible to use it today, without using large amounts of working assets, and without borrowing and lending.
Customer loyalty is a major component of health services. Clients usually choose a medical clinic once and for all. A “family doctor” service becomes more and more popular.
Leasing of medical equipment allows you in the shortest possible time to expand service offerings and improve customer service by making a first contribution in the amount of only 15-20% of the equipment price.

Car Repair Service Equipment 

The number of cars continues to grow and, of course, every car sooner or later requires maintenance.
Customers’ focus on quality of service, as well as increased share of foreign cars on Russian roads is placing new demands on a modern service center.
Mechanic with a set of wrenches is no more enough to provide quality service. Today, car repair and maintenance service rely on a comprehensive package of services which requires appropriate equipment.
Car repair equipment on lease is one of the most effective business solutions.
Taking equipment for auto service on lease, you get several benefits:
• Possibility to make profit using the equipment immediately by making a first contribution in the amount of only 15-20% of the equipment price
• Flexible payment schedule that is calculated individually
• Tax incentives
• Upon expiration of a lease agreement and providing all payments were made accurately, you will be able purchase the equipment for the residual value
• Due to high durability of equipment there is a secondary market and thus the possibility of selling equipment expiration of a lease agreement