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Car leasing is one of the most effective tools for updating and expanding the vehicle park of any enterprise.
We will help you to quickly lease a passenger car.
Car leasing provides an opportunity to acquire necessary vehicles without a major lump-sum costs and raising debts. In addition, this transaction will reduce your taxable income and does not require any additional guarantee.
Car leasing is a perfect solution for companies and individual entrepreneurs who value mobility and know how to save money. Car leasing allows you to manage more effectively the financial balance of the company and promptly update passenger car park of the company without using large amounts of working assets.
Leasing of passenger cars is a car rent with a subsequent right of repurchase. Leasing of cars is an effective financial and investment tool designed to solve the complex issues of raising long-term financial resources to purchase necessary equipment.
Car leasing has several advantages compared to purchasing:
     Opportunity to defer payment for a car purchased by the leasing company
     Official and absolutely legal optimization of financial flows and tax benefits:
  • accelerated depreciation (three times faster compared to normal) can reduce the property tax;
  • a lessee includes all lease payments in the cost of the equipment, as well as in cost of works and services and therefore deduct income subject to income tax.
Leasing of passenger cars is totally transparent and includes the following stages:
A client chooses a car, its manufacturer, specific model, required specifications.. 
A client provides the leasing company with a complete package of documents necessary for the conclusion of the lease agreement.
If application is approved, a lessee makes an advance payment of 30% of the vehicle cost, and leasing company purchase the car directly from the manufacturer. 
Leasing company transfers a car to lessee for temporary use and possession under the lease agreement for a period set in the agreement.
The car is recognized on the balance sheet of the lesser.    
There are certain special requirements to car insurance when using leasing:  lessee agrees to buy the fully comprehensive automobile insurance – “KASKO” (from theft or damage), as well as to buy liability insurance for the period of the lease agreement with an insurance company selected by the lessor
The main advantage of car leasing is that if the lessee performs all of his obligations under the lease agreement, all property is fully passes to his ownership. In this case a lessee has the right to dispose of this property in his own discretion (to sell, lease, etc.).
Leasing company "Rodelen" is in partnership relations with the majority of representatives of leading Russian and foreign car manufacturers which enables us to offer our clients car leasing on the most favorable conditions!